Dumas Floor Covering is a third-generation, family-owned floor covering store. We were established in 1958 by my grandfather, Mr. Grady Dumas. As a little girl, I recall sitting in his, what seemed to be a HUGE leather office chair, thinking I could never fill that seat. I remember playing on the office phone pretending to be working there. My grandfather was a respected man in our community who was known for his business fortitude and his generosity. I am still proud to be his granddaughter and love hearing stories about him. When his health began to decline in 1979 my mother, Ms. Veda Dumas, resigned from her job as an elementary school teacher, to come back to the family business while he was recovering. I hear that was supposed to be temporary, but somethings just stick I suppose. She ran the business for him until 1987, at which time she became the owner and operator of Dumas Floor Covering. I was six years old at the time. And although I do not remember when that change occurred, I do recall the pride my mother took in her work. She continued the legacy my grandfather started.

To this day, I am thankful for the work ethic I learned by growing up in a family business. I learned a few lessons in this building:
1) The workday doesn’t stop at 5:00 pm. It stops when the job is done; 2) If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right; 
3) The people who work with you are in fact family. Maybe not by blood, but by a life shared; 
4) Everybody truly does know your name, and whatever you snuck around doing as a teenager would beat you home; 
5) Your name is your most valued treasure so be careful how you display it; and 
6) your actions, your work, and how you treat others to show your true character. All of these things and so much more, I learned in this place called Dumas Floor Covering. It is more than a building to me.

Dumas Floor Covering is my history and I am its history. We are one and the same.
After high school, I attended The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and then went on to earn my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. After living in different places, I returned home to a career as a Clinical Psychologist for the U.S. Army. I count it one of my life’s greatest honors to serve our nation’s heroes. I now have a private practice, where I continue to see our military as well as civilians. I am blessed to be married to John Lovelace and we share three beautiful, loud, rambunctious children.

Although I have always been very proud of Dumas Floor Covering and its deep-rooted place in my life, it was never my plan to take it over as owner. Remember, I grew up climbing carpet rolls, working with my mother late hours and weekends, and essentially being raised in part by the village that encompassed all the employees, several of whom are still with us today. Any of them would gladly tell you that I always said, “I will never be taking over here.” Well, never say never. My mother, Veda, retired in July of 2020. I was not willing to allow my history, my legacy, my family to be closed. After much prayer and discussion with mom and my husband, I decided, to continue the path of Dumas Floor Covering. With the help of a childhood friend, Kerrie Kempson, our new operations manager, (who spent many nights climbing those same carpet rolls with me) we will continue what my grandfather started in 1958 and my mother continued to this point.
As the now third-generation of Dumas Floor Covering, I want our customers to know we consider it an honor and a true privilege to serve our customers and our community. The relationships with our customers are the cornerstone of our business. Our promise is to put people first and floors second. Thank you for choosing Dumas Floor Covering for the past 62 years. We hope that you will continue to do so for many, many years to come.
Dr. Jana Lovelace, Owner

All our efforts are put to make the best flooring solution for you

Dumas Floor Covering Core Values:

  1. This is not our business. It is God’s business. He has entrusted us to run it wisely and be good stewards of its resources.
  2. We take care of people first, floors second.
  3. We treat our co-workers, vendors, partners, and customers as valued persons. No matter what. Even if we disagree. Respect is not optional.
  4. We are intentional in our commitment to honesty, integrity, and best practices in the flooring industry.
  5. We operate in excellence. Every job deserves our very best effort. We realize our reputation hinges on this principle.
  6. As a third-generation business, we honor those who have paved the way before us.
  7. We will remember that it is truly our honor to be a part of this community and to be chosen by our customers and partners. Relationships are the cornerstone on which we build our work.

We operate out of our core values.

They are how we make all decisions.

Jana & John Lovelace

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